It may be very surprising to some people that it is possible to choose the gender of your baby if you are currently going through the IVF process. Couples who are undergoing this fertility treatment can select a boy or girl. A genetic screening process is available and is perfect for patients who have dealt with infertility for a long period of time and want some control over the outcome. It can be very challenging for patients who are older to have success with the in vitro fertilization process. Many patients choose to make the choice and decide to choose the sex of the baby.

It is very common for more than one egg to fertilize during the in vitro process. Some patients decide that they would like a boy and girl when they are given the opportunity to choose. The technology to choose the sex of the baby is now available and it is a great way for couples and patients to feel in control and begin to make plans for the babies arrival. During the screening process will ensure the correct number of chromosomes are available for the sex chosen and identify the presence of genetic diseases. It is vital for patients to work closely with medical professionals throughout the entire screening process.

Gender selection is legal and there are no risks to the mother. All patients who are currently going through fertility treatments may choose to the gender of their baby. It can be helpful for patients to speak with a counselor to help deal with the emotions attached to gender selection and the entire IVF process. Choosing the gender of a baby is often based on personal reasons and it can be helpful to talk with someone about the selection process.

It is important to consider the cost to choose baby gender and be prepared in advance. The cost is usually about three to five thousand dollars and this is on top of the price for in vitro fertilization. The website offers answers to common questions about selecting the gender of a baby for those who are going through the IVF process.